First things first is, first of all, a project financed and supported by Artefaktum, Boston and an informational and educational site intended to help people avoid, and fight back against fraud and scams, and share experiences and noteworthy details about names, email addresses, telephone numbers, IP, or website addresses, etc. which might be important for investigations about the whereabouts of the assets and scammers behind the crimes. don’t sell anything and we don’t collect personal information on our visitors. Like most websites, we do employ security measures against hacking attacks and abusive behavior, and automated counters that let us know how many visitors we have and where in general they are from.

We don’t send out mailings, and you will never receive an email from  (unless you have contacted us first ) — if you do without your first contact, it is someone using our name without permission (probably a scammer). We will never ask you for your credit card or banking details. community forum is free of charge and open to anybody above 18 years